The Automated Software Systems Platform is the NEXT generation. Let it work for you!

Executive Introduction

This Executive introduction is a brief summary that allows the leaders of our prospective clientele the ability to familiarize themselves with what Automated Software Systems can offer the gaming industry.

Our company represents a unique Automated solution that allows gaming organizations to quickly and seamlessly install completely automated gaming software that is easily monitored and maintained. We provide this solution and customize each install and operation to maximize efficiencies with existing systems. Not only do we help with the install but we can also provide many necessary support functions, training and consulting.

Automated Software Systems is not new to blazing trails when it comes to digital gaming world. Our ownership started with the birth of the online gaming industry, they are two of the world's foremost experts in online gaming development, consultation and programming. Our success is driven by our technical and real world experiences that have come from years of building and working with gaming companies. Our leadership has worked in every facet of the online gaming industry since 1996, from US markets to China.

Automated Software Systems has the ability to work in consulting roles or provide full Customized Software Development, including but not limited to developing commercial off the shelf products and multiple integrated software systems. Our main directive is to assist Gaming Companies looking to gain market share, or just an edge over their competition and the ability to keep up in this rapidly expanding market. Our goal is to maximize profits for our clients and help them stay ahead of the curve.