Kiosk Platform

If you would like to schedule a full demonstration of the Automated Software Systems Platform after reviewing the site, kindly "Contact Us" and let us know what you are interested in.

Our Sportsbetting Kiosk contains our unigue Automated Sportsbetting Platform designed to give your clients the freedom to sit back and easily make sports wagers anywhere throughout your establishment.

With the Sportsbetting Kiosks located throughout the Casino, Bar or Sporting Venue you can offer numerous locations for clients to make wagers during the big sporting events that happen each year.

Having the ability to hold a captive audience for large sporting events will more than increase revenues and will produce repeat clientele.

With an easy to use betting interface your clients will be able to navagate mulitiple sports to place straight wagers, parlays and teasers.

Once the cleint has chosen a wager they will be provided a wager ticket for their records. This ticket contains all the wager information such as Date and Time, Teams, the Line and the Risk and Win amounts.

For the Customer Service side of our Kiosk Application we have a POS system providing you with all the vital information pertaining to the Kiosks.

As seen in the graphic you have 4 Major areas that are provided within the POS.

Main- This section will provide you with all reporting, Executive summary will allow you to see in a glance numnber of sing ups, money in and out, Win loss and much more.

Scan- With this feature you are able to Scan the easy to read barcode that is printed on your clients ticket verifying if they have won or lost the wager.

Player- Here you will have all information related to the persons that are using the Kiosks, Player Win/Loss, Search, Balances, Exposure of these players and a Wager report that allows you to filter by wager type to see what wagers are in the system.

Kiosks- Provides you with all the important information on and in the Kiosk themselves, Detailed Logs for both the Kiosk and the Managers running the machine are kept, Transactions, Recorded Media, Kiosk Sessions, Configurations and Kiosk Commands.

POS- We offer a full stand alone POS system for walk up business within land based establishements. This POS Module runs on Windows Based machines and is developed in HTML5 which is touch screen capable.

Some key features are: tickets printed via a Thermal Printer , the use of Magnetic Strip Card Readers for clients to create accounts as well as staff to login and placing tickets, Bar Scanner for the ease of validating tickets.

We also offer a full Kiosk TIll admin site that allows you an overview of your "Brand" such as full reporting , transactions and player related information. This Till can be designated for different levels of transparency within the company.

One great feature of the Automated Software Kiosk is they are easily customizable and can be tied to an Automated Software Systems White Label allowing you to have both an Online Sportsbook presence and well as the Kiosks and POS units throughout different locations.