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The Automated Software Systems Platform is the NEXT generation. Let it work for you!


Automated Software Systems Platform was made with flexibility and freedom as our key goals.


By offering our clients the flexibility to launch a fully functional Software Suite or to choose one of the independent modules they are able to design a platform that works for them.

Within the full Software Suite you are given the ability to ability to turn components on and off, when and if necessary. This would be in the case of only wanting to offer Casino to start your project but at a later date you could turn on the sports book at the click of a button.

When it comes to updating your graphics, banners or site pages, our IT has constructed a flexible system that allows this to easily be done in a CSS style format. Text on the site is also easily changed within the CMS so that updates can be done on regular basis.

Choosing one of our individual Modules provides you with the perfect addition to an existing software suite or the ability to run a standalone Lottery, Horse or Casino platform.


When acquiring the Full Software Suite you are able to design your own Sports books on your terms. The easily customizable modules allow you the Freedom to offer what you want when you want.

Designing your platform is easy, once complete, let the system work for you!